NAIPR Message

Rebuttal to Mr. Weisberg's insinuations

Michael Dillon wrote:
> <American civics lesson deleted>
> As a citizen of a North American country where the USA is often regarded as
> more advanced in the practice of democracy, I'm rather shocked to learn
> that the poll tax is part of your recent history. 

I remember when Poll Taxes (U.S. definition) were outlawed.  I also have
read of the strife Poll Taxes (rest of the world definition) have caused
in England and other countries.

> While all this talk of politics may be interesting, it bears no relevance
> to ARIN because ARIN is not a political organization and is not part of any
> governmental structures.

All organizations of people are political and ARIN is set up to perform
a governing function.

> I'm sure that you aren't a member of the Cancer
> Society either and I rather doubt that you complain to people about how the
> Cancer Society does not represent you. Or closer to home, what about ANSI,
> the American National Standards Institute? Aren't you incensed that they
> are developping a standard for object-oriented COBOL without representing
> you?

Poor comparison.  ANSI does not control resources and compliance is

> >Shall I set up my own organization and represent you?
> Go ahead. It's a free country. Nothing is stopping you from doing this and
> I will note that people do this every day. Some people were concerned with
> liberty in cyberspace and created the EFF. Some people then became
> concerned with liberty in the EFF and created the CDT. Other people decided
> the EFF and CDT were missing some stuff and formed the VTW. So don't talk
> about it here, just go away and do it. Compete with ARIN in the marketplace
> of ideas and lets see how it turns out.
<Point acceded to deleted> 
> P.S. seeing as how ARIN is supposed to allocate IP addresses for all of
> North America can you give me any good reason why Canadian political
> traditions should not take precedence over the American political
> traditions you are espousing?

No, I cannot answer this one.  I also cannot explain why there is no
Canadian representative on the ARIN board.  Perhaps your willingness to
allow yourself to be represented is a Canadian tradition?

Peter Veeck