NAIPR Message


At 01:30 PM 7/19/97 -0500, Larry Vaden wrote:
>As a former exporter of software technology to Europe, I'm embarrassed for
>this country's example of an IP registry and the discrimination it
>practices in the name of technology shortcomings brought on by coddling
>Pancho.  People get a 12X longer warranty on a $1500 PC at Walmart than a
>business does when they invest in a 7xxx router.  Perhaps new firms coming
>to market with routers with OC192 speeds and millions of routes will
>differentiate their product with regard to these matters also.

I made a reference in a post yesterday which I fear, upon re-reading, will
be misunderstood as patronizing by some of my friends from Mexico.  It was
not intended that way, as I hope is clear from the context.  I used a
borrowed phrase, "coddling Poncho," as a back-handed reference to CISCO
products (harkening back to the Cisco Kid and Poncho television series -
yes, I'm that old).  I meant to indicate that this industry is coddling
CISCO.  I intended and hold absolutely no prejudice nor criticism of Mexico,
Mexican nationals, nor persons of Mexican decent.  I humbly apologize if
this reference caused any offense.