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Rebuttal to Mr. Weisberg's insinuations Re: Important News from Don Telage about ARIN

Jim and all,
  Thanks Jim for your comments.  I agree with them completly.  It is 
refreshing to me to see that there are some here that seem to see
the forest for the trees.  I hope others will soon follow.

Jim Fleming wrote:
> On Thursday, July 17, 1997 6:17 PM, Jeff Williams[SMTP:jwkckid1 at] wrote:
> @ Eric and all,
> @
> @   I thought this post very well stated.  I would add, that, as Thomas
> @ Jefferson once siad, "The tree of lierty is watered by the blood of its
> @ patriots".  The battel here seems to be very much joined.  Personal
> @ attacks
> @ and all.  The battle is over what Eric said so well, REPRESENTIVE
> @ system.
> @ What seems to be the direction form ARIN, is not.  This is starkly
> @ evident ins some of the comments and creditbility attacks being made
> @ against Eric, myself and others whom do not take on face value what
> @ is being said from within ARIN and what is not being answered when
> @ querried.  This leads to suspicion.  Once going down that path very
> @ far, it is a long and never ending road.  Let us all attempt
> @ to find inclusion for all in this process instead of attacking
> @ any person(S) integraty here.
> @
> Jeff,
> The tactics are well-known and documented....
> People set up a mailing list and then they discourage discussion.
> Once the list goes quiet, they tell government leaders there is
> "consensus"...
> If they can not get the list to quiet down, they make another
> list and direct people over there...
> If new people enter either list they are told they are "clueless".
> Some people put their tails between their legs and run and hide
> in shame (even though they are not clueless).
> People are now very educated on all of these matters. The
> U.S. Government agencies are also becoming educated.
> The FTC and the DOJ are stepping in where the NSF failed.
> The problems are not new. The Internet leaders may try to
> confuse government leaders with jargon and buzzwords,
> but politicians are beginning to clearly see the picture.
> The resources are controlled to financially benefit a few
> people and companies are denied resources to prevent
> them from competing. It is not a new problem. I am sure
> that solutions will come and in some cases, the law will
> likely be swift and least in the U.S.
> --
> Jim Fleming
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