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Rebuttal to Mr. Weisberg's insinuations Re: Important News from Don Telage about ARIN

At 06:11 PM 7/17/97 -0400, Philip J. Nesser II wrote:
>(In case you didn't want to spend that mental energy, that point has been
>stated countless times in the last 8 months.)
>> You also claimed that Don Telage does not "grok" the Internet.
>> If this is the case, then why would he be at the center of your
>> ARIN planning and why would he be the person that wrote and
>> presented the NSI alternative plan to the IAHC ?
>Don Telage is a businessman and hence understand the concepts of legal and
>business issues required in setting up something like ARIN and hence it
>makes sense that he be involved in it.  

Why is not a procedure comparable to that outlined by ISOC (including
RFC2027) not being used for ARIN's BofT and Advisory Council, i.e., a "fast
start" to full representation of the membership?

<>, "Internet Society calls
for nominations to the gTLD-MoU Policy Oversight Committee", which says in

>1.This message is the call for nominations, which should be sent to
isoc-pocnom at by the closing date of 17 September 1997. 
>2.Each nomination must give the name, affiliation, email address and phone
number of the nominee, plus a brief statement (maximum 10 lines) about the
nominee's Internet and global credentials. 
>3.Self-nominations are allowed. 
>4.ISOC will verify each nominee's willingness to serve for one or three
>5.The list of willing nominees will be published by ISOC shortly after the
closing date. Confidential comments from the community will be solicited.
The Board of Trustees of the Internet Society will then make its two
appointments and announce them within one month. 
>6.Apart from the above, the Internet Society will be guided in its
deliberations by the procedures defined in RFC 2027. 
>7.Nominees must accept that a recall procedure, analagous to that defined
in RFC 2027, may be invoked at any time during their terms.