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Rebuttal to Mr. Weisberg's insinuations Re: Important News from Don Telage about ARIN

On Thursday, July 17, 1997 6:17 PM, Jeff Williams[SMTP:jwkckid1 at] wrote:
@ Eric and all,
@   I thought this post very well stated.  I would add, that, as Thomas
@ Jefferson once siad, "The tree of lierty is watered by the blood of its
@ patriots".  The battel here seems to be very much joined.  Personal
@ attacks
@ and all.  The battle is over what Eric said so well, REPRESENTIVE
@ system.
@ What seems to be the direction form ARIN, is not.  This is starkly
@ evident ins some of the comments and creditbility attacks being made
@ against Eric, myself and others whom do not take on face value what
@ is being said from within ARIN and what is not being answered when
@ querried.  This leads to suspicion.  Once going down that path very
@ far, it is a long and never ending road.  Let us all attempt
@ to find inclusion for all in this process instead of attacking
@ any person(S) integraty here.


The tactics are well-known and documented....

People set up a mailing list and then they discourage discussion.
Once the list goes quiet, they tell government leaders there is

If they can not get the list to quiet down, they make another
list and direct people over there...

If new people enter either list they are told they are "clueless".
Some people put their tails between their legs and run and hide
in shame (even though they are not clueless).

People are now very educated on all of these matters. The
U.S. Government agencies are also becoming educated.
The FTC and the DOJ are stepping in where the NSF failed.

The problems are not new. The Internet leaders may try to
confuse government leaders with jargon and buzzwords,
but politicians are beginning to clearly see the picture.
The resources are controlled to financially benefit a few
people and companies are denied resources to prevent
them from competing. It is not a new problem. I am sure
that solutions will come and in some cases, the law will
likely be swift and least in the U.S.

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation