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Which ISPs are Qualified ?


	Perhaps he was referring to the CCIE certification.  If 
this is the case, I'd have to say I've met a few CCIE's who 
seem to have had better success hunting snipes than clues.

Chris A. Icide
Sr. Engineer
Nap.Net, L.L.C.

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At 02:15 PM 07/09/97 -0400, Vince Wolodkin wrote:

>I have heard that Cisco has a certification program but understand that
>to receive that particular certification is quite difficult.  Perhaps
>the router manufacturers could step in and provide a certification test
>of sorts.

Pray tell, why would cisco wish to get involved in certification
of ISP's? Don't count on this happening.

> After all, it is to their advantage, it's their routers that
>cannot handle the routes.

This is analagous to stating that it is GMC's fault that a bus
they manufactured won't hold a thousand people. Be for real.

- paul