NAIPR Message

Which ISPs are Qualified ?

Michael, you can't just fake sufficient knowledge of IP networking
to appear competent without understanding enough to be capable of
doing it right.  There are a few key questions to establish if the
person knows more than the buzzwords.  If they pass those, they know
enough to be able to get the right answer, though they might not
all the time.

"So, what size netblock are you allocating per POP, and how does
that break down by classes of service you're offering?"

"Do you forsee any problems explaining CIDR allocations and netblock
subnet calculations to your customers?  How will you approach it?"
...and then talk them through what they're going to tell their customers.

"Does any of your hardware have any problems with variable sized subnets?
What vendors are you buying routers from?  Have you done variable subnet
configuration on all those brands before?"

-george william herbert
gherbert at