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Which ISPs are Qualified ?

On Wed, 09 Jul 1997 09:23:00 PDT, Michael Gersten said:
> Now, if you have a competent interviewer, the beliefs of the interviewer
> will be close to reality. But in all fairness, you need three interviewers
> to do a fair job (one might just hit it off poorly, or otherwise be
> biased), and in any event, not all true statements can be proved.
> Not all who are competent at running a network are competent at
> explaining themselves to others.

Hmm.. are you implying that it's possible that Scott Bradner and Tony Li have
us fooled regarding their networking expertise?  Or that the ISP's that I
ran into that didn't understand subnetting *ARE* in fact possesed of mega-kloo?

The system I proposed seems to work fairly well in real life.  Otherwise,
job interviews would have been given up a *LONG* time ago, if talking to
the person was not an accurate predictor of actual knowledge posessed.

Also, your last point "not all people competent at running a net are good
at explaining themselves" is a bit suspect as well.  If they are unable to
explain themselves, are they *REALLY* competent at running a network?  Or
are you looking at a case where *one* guy can run everything, but if he ever
has to talk to others, you're waiting for a disaster? (Cut to post-mortem of
a network outage: "It's not *MY* fault our upstream provider didn't at all
understand my bungled explanation of what we wanted, and that all of our
routing information got shipped to Albequerque.....")

There's a reason why "good communication skills required" often appears in
job descriptions....
				Valdis Kletnieks
				Computer Systems Senior Engineer
				Virginia Tech

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