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Which ISPs are Qualified ?

At 03:42 PM 7/9/97 -0400, Paul Ferguson wrote:
>At 03:00 PM 07/09/97 -0400, Vince Wolodkin wrote:
>>But when it comes down to it, the reason I cannot be multi-homed is
>>because the big backbone routers are running out of table space.  If
>>this is untrue, why can't I get a routeable /24?
>Oh, we'll build it, but the question is, can the vast number of
>people afford it?

I understand from an informed source that the market is taking care of that 

"There are three companies out there building routers which ought to be able
to forward at OC192 speeds and handle a million routes.  If small providers
get /19's and core routers start to fall over, these companies will probably
come to market faster.  Two of the three are staffed by people I'm in awe of
and I therefore expect the products to actually work."