NAIPR Message

Request for Comment on gTLDs Pursuant to Administrative Procedure Act

On Thursday, July 03, 1997 3:23 PM, Stephen Sprunk[SMTP:spsprunk at] wrote:
@ ARPA. (like .) will continue to be maintained by the organization that the
@ IANA designates; presumably that will be either ARIN or NSI.

So, the IANA makes all the decisions...

@ IN-ADDR.ARPA. delegations will be handled in the same manner as always;
@ once the IANA delegates IPs to an organization, the IN-ADDR delegation(s)
@ for those IPs will follow.

Again, the IANA makes all of the decisions...

I suggest people wait until the IANA (Jon Postel) makes these
decisions. This will save people time, energy and money.
There is no need to repeat the domain name fiasco in the
IP address arena. Let's not give people the impression that
they have any decision making power, when they do not.

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation