NAIPR Message

Request for Comment on gTLDs Pursuant to Administrative Procedure Act

At 15:42 03-07-97 -0500, you wrote:
>@ ARPA. (like .) will continue to be maintained by the organization that the
>@ IANA designates; presumably that will be either ARIN or NSI.

>So, the IANA makes all the decisions...

No, the IANA makes the root delegations.  "All" is a bit naive, even for you.

>@ IN-ADDR.ARPA. delegations will be handled in the same manner as always;
>@ once the IANA delegates IPs to an organization, the IN-ADDR delegation(s)
>@ for those IPs will follow.

>Again, the IANA makes all of the decisions...

Again, no.

The IANA determines who gets root delegations.  Those organizations (RIPE,
APNIC, InterNIC/NSI, ARIN, etc) then allocate to other organizations per
current policy (as determined by RFC and/or membership vote).

>I suggest people wait until the IANA (Jon Postel) makes these
>decisions. This will save people time, energy and money.
>There is no need to repeat the domain name fiasco in the
>IP address arena. Let's not give people the impression that
>they have any decision making power, when they do not.

Jim, please go back to your eDNS/IPv8 fantasy land and leave those of us
trying to do productive work alone.