NAIPR Message

Request for Comment on gTLDs Pursuant to Administrative Procedure Act

On Thursday, July 03, 1997 8:37 AM, Gordon Cook[SMTP:cook at] wrote:
@ Hello rudolph,
@ some process advice for those of us who have already seen this
@ announcement many times on many other lists.  Naipr is devoted to a
@ discussion of the formation of ARIN.  ARIN implements IP numbers.  IP
@ numbers are an absolutely separate topic of discussion from gTLDs.  There
@ are plenty of lists for discussion of gTLDs.  NAIPR is*NOT* among them.
@ NOR is pagan.  Pagan is for discussion of IP registry policy.  IP is NOT DNS.
@ Therefore PAGAN is NOT an appropriate list for publication of this
@ material either.


The U.S. Government is going to be busy trying to
figure out the problems with the "sizzle" of domain
names while the real meat of the matter, the steak
is discussed in other forums.

To bring all of these issues into one forum would
expose the fact that a very small circle of friends
control both the IP allocations and the domain name
delegations and that might draw attention from the
U.S. Government.

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation