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pagans at principle #5

On Thursday, July 03, 1997 9:17 AM, Scott Bradner[SMTP:sob at] wrote:
@ > <Principle> The current criteria were implemented by NSI without any clear
@ > legal authority.  
@ I thought that we were looking for what should be, if so this is not
@ relevant - if what we want to do is complain about the past it may be time
@ to create a list that is interested in the actual issue at hand

Those that do not study the past are doomed to relive it.

Also, as the U.S. Government reviews the past activities
it is important to understand what really was happening.
In the case of IP addresses, the U.S. Government has been
fooled into thinking that they do not need to regulate the
allocations, but instead can review the allocations after
the fact and see that everything is wonderful.

Unfortunately, they were not told that the Internet leaders
have this way of sweeping the past under the rug and
declaring everything to be wonderful. This does not wash
when businesses have lost money and have been damaged.

As businesses bring that to the attention of the U.S.
Government, the elected officials will want to know who
was involved in these activities and what went on. Via
that information, they will be able to determine whether
any laws have been violated or whether people's rights
have been compromised.

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation