NAIPR Message

Who is pagans at

pagans at, the group which has proposed pagans at principle
#1 thru #5, consists of:

Linda Avila <avila at>
Gary Corley <corley at>
I. L. Freed <ILFREED at>
Scott Goode <scott_g at>
W. Scott McCollough <wsmc at>
Wayne Shirley <wshirley at>
Andrew Joseph Vaden <andrew at>
Larry Vaden <vaden at>
Peter R Veeck <veeck at>
David Stagner <stagnerd at>
Eric Weisberg <editor at>
Gloria Weisberg <glo at>

It is our goal, by offering these principles, to begin a discussion
regarding allocation of routable CIDR IP blocks for use by small and
moderate sized ISPs.

Your participation is important and is requested.

Larry Vaden <vaden at>