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pagans at principle #5

On Thursday, July 03, 1997 1:00 PM, Larry Vaden[SMTP:vaden at] wrote:
@ <Principle> The current criteria were implemented by NSI without any clear
@ legal authority.
@ submitted by pagans at

I do not think this is the case. I can not imagine
that NSI would want to be responsible for the
IP address allocation activities.

>From what I understand, that is one of the reasons
that NSI is willing to pay to "launch" ARIN. NSI and
for that matter SAIC, do not need the "bad PR" that
constantly flows from the IP address allocation side
of the InterNIC.

NSI is probably able to spin the domain name
registry business back into the "good PR" light,
especially with all of the money they will have
once the NSF is out of the picture. (Instant 30%
increase in profits.)

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation