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On Wednesday, February 26, 1997 12:01 AM, John Curran[SMTP:jcurran at] wrote:
@ At 22:42 2/25/97, Jim Fleming wrote:
@ >Resources are resources and the public good must be taken
@ >into account when making decisions about managing those
@ >resources.
@ Agreed.   The current model of having allocations 
@ performed by a private firm in the absence of public
@ input is less than ideal.  ARIN is a proposed solution
@ to this problem which has gained significant support
@ to date.

I would support several private firms doing it and
in my opinion, the IPv4 address space is large enough
to allow that to happen. Other large companies have
indicated to me they are making plans. Those are
the bright spots on the horizon.

Having one private firm do it with the same personnel
as the existing private firm appears to offer less
protection for the small players. At least in the
existing system, the U.S. Government has some
hand, even though it is clearly handicapped.

@ >It is one thing for people to claim they are acting
@ >in the interest of the public, it is another to 
@ >demonstrate that in forums like this.
@ I believe that ARIN will better serve the interests of
@ the public (and the Internet community in particular)
@ due to ability to actually have public input into the
@ process.  The current process utilizing NSI lacks this
@ direct input path.

That sounds good to me. I back you 110.3%.
You lead the way, and others will march to your drum.

I still suggest that you help fund ARIN with some
domain name registrations as part of the business plan
but if you feel you can make a go of it with just IP
addresses, God love ya...

I started selling 32 bit addresses in 1982 for $50 each.
People bought them and received a signed, framed,
certificate to hang on their wall. We certified that those
numbers would be unique. That was it. People bought them
and that was 15 years ago...;-)

You might have a better market now...

@ >Once again, I suggest that all of the ARIN leaders publish
@ >a public platform/policy/position statement for the public to
@ >read. If you can not do that then I question how much this
@ >ARIN proposal is motivated by concern for the public.
@ Jim, you are seeking a public platform statment on what 
@ issue?

I am mostly interested in the types of comments
you have made. I trust that you and your company (BBN Planet)
will "do the right thing". This entire industry is largely
built on trust. That is what makes the net "work"...

I hope that you can set the pace and lead ARIN.
Let me know how I can help. I do have some experience
in the registry industry, despite what some people might

P.S. I don't expect to get any special favors in terms
of address allocations. I just want to see people do the
right thing...thanks for responding...

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation

JimFleming at
JimFleming at unety.s0.g0 (EDNS/IPv8)