NAIPR Message

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At 22:42 2/25/97, Jim Fleming wrote:

>Resources are resources and the public good must be taken
>into account when making decisions about managing those

Agreed.   The current model of having allocations 
performed by a private firm in the absence of public
input is less than ideal.  ARIN is a proposed solution
to this problem which has gained significant support
to date.

>It is one thing for people to claim they are acting
>in the interest of the public, it is another to 
>demonstrate that in forums like this.

I believe that ARIN will better serve the interests of
the public (and the Internet community in particular)
due to ability to actually have public input into the
process.  The current process utilizing NSI lacks this
direct input path.

>Once again, I suggest that all of the ARIN leaders publish
>a public platform/policy/position statement for the public to
>read. If you can not do that then I question how much this
>ARIN proposal is motivated by concern for the public.

Jim, you are seeking a public platform statment on what