NAIPR Message

ARIN Comments

The idea of having 50 registries to deal with for one country is
a nightmare for smooth operations as an ISP IMHO. I want my staff
to obtain addresses from one source per continent or at most 
large country. For example, a registry for US and one for Canada
is ok but Mexico, Guatamala, and Nicarauga and PAnama each with a
registry? Can you wait for the registry in the Bahamas? Good grief.
OTOH, one for all of the People's Republic of China may be insufficient.

If we fragment registries we fragment the address space.

Domains being symbolic names are far easier. As long as we have 
authorized TLDs under root name servers we can have as many domain
registries as there are TLDs -- and then subdomains under that.
Truly the market can decide where to register a domain name.
Authorized is required to prevent pirating domain names and disruption
of service.

Dana Hudes
Senior Network Engineer