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"leasing" the addresses

On Thursday, February 27, 1997 5:09 PM, Stan Barber[SMTP:sob at] wrote:
@ > On Thursday, February 27, 1997 4:41 PM, Stan Barber[SMTP:sob at] wrote:
@ > I can be the leasing agent for an apartment building that I do not own.
@ > An insurance company or bank may own it.
@ Absolutely, but the lease would be between the owner and the tenant, not
@ the leasing agent and the tenant, right? I am no lawyer, but in the cases
@ were I have rented something, I was dealing with someone representing the
@ owner's interests.

Contracts can be made to say almost anything...I have seen both...YMMV

@ > BTW -  Who does own the addresses ?
@ Probably the same folks that owns the air we breath:-)
@ The IANA is the ultimate steward of the address space. You'd need to query
@ them about the owner. I have been around the Internet for years and in all
@ that time the important thing about addresses is their uniqueness, not the
@ ultimate owner. 

That is where we disagree...:-)

I would like to see the legal proof...

@ One of the important things about ARIN is that it is possible that the folks
@ who benefit from this registration effort get to be involved in the stewartship
@ role more directly. This has not been the case in the Americas, like it has
@ in other  parts of the world.

Yes...that is also an attribute of the AlterNIC, eDNS, Root 64, etc.

All of those efforts are aimed at developing "NICs" to allow
the InterNIC to transition to the commercial market
and out of the NSF...

I am concerned that the people launching ARIN and the
people supporting ARIN have not been directly involved in
the cloning of any NICs.

Why do they all of a sudden want to clone part of the NIC ?

Why does that happen to coincide with making NSI look
like a 3 TLD domain registry ?

Is the goal of ARIN to help make NSI look like something
else for a reason ?  Does NSI plan on taking on some
work they could not accept, with ARIN close to home ?

Is ARIN really aimed at putting some activities at arm's
length to allow the NSF to allow NSI to go off and compete
with the other domain registrars who would have to be
given IP blocks if ARIN was still around ? (And we could
not have that...could we..?..God forbid...)

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Unir Corporation

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