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"leasing" the addresses

On Thursday, February 27, 1997 4:41 PM, Stan Barber[SMTP:sob at ACADEM.COM] wrote:
@ > Why not just say you are "leasing" the addresses and
@ > skip the mumbo jumbo....?
@ Jim,
@ "Leasing" would imply that ARIN owns the addresses for which it is
@ providing registration services. As you have stated in other mail,
@ ARIN (like RIPE and APNIC) is there to help insure that addresses used
@ on the Internet are unique. A registrar is a steward of the resource
@ being managed, not the owner of the resource. This is an important
@ distiction.

Please do not mis-interpret my views.

IF there were 50 operational Top Level Domain registries
in the U.S., I would be the first to be saying, "Hmmm
maybe we need to expand the pie and encourage IP only

Unfortunately, this is not the case. The NSF and the
InterNIC has not helped to create any NEW Top Level
Domain registries. In fact, they have helped stand in
the path of progress and people are being forced to
route around the situation.

Also, if ARIN were proposing to take the path taken
by many of the "AlterNIC Pioneers" and helping to
develop a truly distributed, low-barrier-to-entry system,
that is emerging in eDNS, then I would be saying
great job.

This is not what is coming across, if that is what
ARIN intended. What is coming across is a defensive
group that wants to keep control. Trying to control
the Internet is like trying to wrestle a fire-hose with
an unlimited supply of water while you have
roller-skates on your feet...

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation

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