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"leasing" the addresses

> @ > BTW -  Who does own the addresses ?
> @ 
> @ Probably the same folks that owns the air we breath:-)
> @ 
> @ The IANA is the ultimate steward of the address space. You'd need to query
> @ them about the owner. I have been around the Internet for years and in all
> @ that time the important thing about addresses is their uniqueness, not the
> @ ultimate owner. 
> @ 
> That is where we disagree...:-)
> I would like to see the legal proof...

I am not sure what legal proof you are seeking. Is it proof that IANA
is the ultimate steward of the address space? Please clarify so I don't 

> @ One of the important things about ARIN is that it is possible that the folks
> @ who benefit from this registration effort get to be involved in the stewartship
> @ role more directly. This has not been the case in the Americas, like it has
> @ in other  parts of the world.
> @ 
> @ 
> Yes...that is also an attribute of the AlterNIC, eDNS, Root 64, etc.

As far as I  know, none of those efforts can directly trace their roots 
back to SRI-NIC. The ARIN effort can. Of course, I could be very much
in the dark about the history of these other efforts. If there is another
list on which such things are discussed or if someone can privately mail me
a list of URLs that I can read about it, I'd be grateful.

> I am concerned that the people launching ARIN and the
> people supporting ARIN have not been directly involved in
> the cloning of any NICs.

I am not sure what you mean there. The NSI folks were operating a NIC prior
to being awarded the InterNIC arrangement. Can you clarify for this
claim for me? 

> Why do they all of a sudden want to clone part of the NIC ?

I don't think it was sudden, but what is sudden to one person is slow to 

> Why does that happen to coincide with making NSI look
> like a 3 TLD domain registry ?

Obviously, I am in no position to speak on behalf of NSI about this.

However, I think you are really meaning the registration function of 
the InterNIC operated by NSI, right? Without the NSF cooperative agreement,
NSI could have been operating a registration function. Someone else would
have been doing it.

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