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Multihoming sites and ARIN

>The real solution to this kind of problem is to have a moderator who is
>willing to exercise some control on a mailing list, or even better, some
>more sophisticated list server software with which list members can use
>some sort of voting mechanism to stifle idiots down to a dull roar and
>roughly simulate the way in which people handle face-to-face meetings.
A good moderator is key to any good online discussion. However, I believe
ARIN better serves its purpose for this listserver by keeping it open. After
all...who would moderate the listserver to keep it above suspicion? It would
have to be a neutral party or ARIN would suffer the slings and arrows of
potential conflict of interest as soon as anyone was quieted.

There are some possible kernals of serious concern in the busy stream being
put forth and personally I wouldn't want to see anyone filtered or
restricted. Remember -- ARIN is proposing to be set up as a chartered
non-profit organization and I know from personal experience that such
organizations must be set up and operated so that they are ABOVE suspicion
or risk losing that non-profit status.

--- ALAN
Alan R. Bechtold
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