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Multihoming sites and ARIN

On Monday, February 24, 1997 2:45 PM, marshall eubanks[SMTP:tme at] wrote:
@ RE: List moderation.
@ This could be done automatically, and
@ would not EXCLUDE anyone, or even really
@ censor them. After all, you can always provide a URL if
@ you want people to see your latest ideas
@ in full. 

URLs and web sites are are FAQs...
some lists periodically post their FAQ for people
who do not have access to web browsers...

Unfortunately, web sites and FAQs are not
"collaborative". In an ideal list, you take a
collection of information and you pass it
around like putty and people add to it and
shape it...the list takes on a life of its own...

This collaborative process works best when
the leaders of a movement sit at the virtual
table where the meeting is being held. In
the case of ARIN, this would be the people
named on the web site as the founders.

Lists seem to have problems when the
people who create them do not show up
for the meetings...

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