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Multihoming sites and ARIN

Valdis.Kletnieks at VT.EDU allegedly said:
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> On Mon, 24 Feb 1997 15:45:34 EST, marshall eubanks said:
> > This could be done automatically, and
> > would not EXCLUDE anyone, or even really
> > censor them. After all, you can always provide a URL if
> > you want people to see your latest ideas
> > in full. 
> This assumes that all  people who wish   to post lengthy notes on  the
> mailing list  have the ability to put  the full text  on a system that
> you can  provide an URL for.  Not  all people have WWW  homepages, not
> all people can put the full text on an FTP or Gopher site, some people
> live behind firewalls and need to talk to the  firewall admin to put a
> file on the corporate external Web server so the outside world can get
> it, and so on....
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But by the very fact that they are on a mailing list, they can say 
"email me for more information", can they not?  I think Marshall has 
a great idea...

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