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Multihoming sites and ARIN

michael at MEMRA.COM said:
> The real solution to this kind of problem is to have a moderator who 
> is willing to exercise some control on a mailing list, or even 
> better, some more sophisticated list server software with which list 
> members can use some sort of voting mechanism to stifle idiots down 
> to a dull roar and roughly simulate the way in which people handle 
> face-to-face meetings.

    Nothing like the mob mentality to get people to shut up. Good ideas or bad ideas say alot about the people who say them. A list like this is an open forum, a soap-box if you will. If you don't like what somebody is saying, ignore them, give an intelligent response to thier posting, ask the list administrator to remove them, or get off the list.

Nothing like an intelligent conversation...


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