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Multihoming sites and ARIN

On Mon, 24 Feb 1997, David R. Conrad wrote:

> If you
> respond to his insinuations, irrelevancies, or amusing "solutions",

Unanswered insinuations often grow to have an ugly life of their own
especially in any forum where a significant number of less well-informed
people are observing. 

> you merely encourage him to continue spouting more of the same.

If you have a filter, this shouldn't bother you, and the continued
spouting does serve to educate the masses. 

The real solution to this kind of problem is to have a moderator who is
willing to exercise some control on a mailing list, or even better, some
more sophisticated list server software with which list members can use
some sort of voting mechanism to stifle idiots down to a dull roar and
roughly simulate the way in which people handle face-to-face meetings.

I did some design work on such a system but didn't have enough time to
pursue it. If anyone knows somebody who does have the time and who could
get some grant funding to build such a system, put them in touch with me
and I'll share my ideas with them. I think that there are a lot of forums
where this would be quite useful and even the people who get stifled will
get some valuable feedback in private when the listserver software informs
them that the list members have voted to restrict them to one post per
day, or one post per month.

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