NAIPR Message

Multihoming sites and ARIN

>Unanswered insinuations often grow to have an ugly life of their own
>especially in any forum where a significant number of less well-informed
>people are observing. 

This is true, but there is only so much time in a day.  On the bright
side, I believe Fleming consistently demonstrates he is a loon to
anyone who takes the time to actually to try and follow his flems,
thus even the people who try take him seriously quickly learn better.

>> you merely encourage him to continue spouting more of the same.
>If you have a filter, this shouldn't bother you, and the continued
>spouting does serve to educate the masses. 

Unfortunately, since people often respond to Fleming but remove his
email address from the to or cc lines, tuning a filter to get rid of
all his tripe is a bit difficult.

However, as this is completely unrelated to NAIPR and/or PIARA, I'll
desist.  Apologies for the off-topic rants...


P.S. Hmm... I wonder if scanning for '@' quotation prefixes will work...