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Filtration and political correctness.

On Sunday, February 23, 1997 5:32 PM, Larry Honig[SMTP:lonewolf at DRIVEWAY1.COM] wrote:
@ Meanwhile, back at the ranch.. Steve's novel use of IEEE/extant industry
@ groups seems worth considering. I can't recall much benefit I derive
@ from my dues each year, but their acting as a registry might well avoid
@ shovelling big cash out to needlessly replicate infrastructure. Isn't
@ this the proper 90's way to do business, as a 'virtual corporation',
@ etc..?? Why should ARIN spend a dime on YAAP (yet another accounting
@ program)?

Besides the IEEE and the ACM, there are several other companies
and organizations that have been developing their "registry" talents.
I suspect the biggest problem with the IEEE and the ACM would
be education.

This will not be a problem with the companies that are already
in the process of "cloning" the InterNIC functions. Since the NSF
wants to eventually phase out, these companies have about one
year to expand to support IP address allocations.

One of the main problems is that these companies have been
prevented from enjoying some of the same support of the
U.S. Government, as the InterNIC. This will certainly end when
the proper elected officials and agencies are become better
educated about the situation.

Education is the key. The more people commuicate, the more
people learn.

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation

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