NAIPR Message

Filtration and political correctness.

<OFFTOPIC> Kewl, dude. I been hearin a lot of stuff about, like, mail
filters, ya know, and like, all I have is some lousy Win95/NT stuff, and
,like, I don't know what kinda WAREZ can do the funky thing like filter,
so if you could, like, post a URL or something that can point me to get
one of these here filter programs, like, it would be truly righteous,

Gnarlily yours. And endlessly entertained by this list...(seriously,
what does do filtering? Not that I'd *really* ever do such a thing...)
And end of </OFFTOPIC>. Oh yeah. If you really want to, then send a
message  "SUBSCRIBE" to flamefest at where these adolescent
urges can be properly spent.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.. Steve's novel use of IEEE/extant industry
groups seems worth considering. I can't recall much benefit I derive
from my dues each year, but their acting as a registry might well avoid
shovelling big cash out to needlessly replicate infrastructure. Isn't
this the proper 90's way to do business, as a 'virtual corporation',
etc..?? Why should ARIN spend a dime on YAAP (yet another accounting