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Filtration and political correctness.

At 5:38 PM -0700 2/23/97, Jim Fleming wrote:
>Besides the IEEE and the ACM, there are several other companies
>and organizations that have been developing their "registry" talents.
>I suspect the biggest problem with the IEEE and the ACM would
>be education.
     One reason I mentioned the IEEE and the ACM is that both organizations
have active journals on telecommunications.  Indeed, I usually keep up with
router research by perusing SIGCOMM when it makes it to my house.  (To help
me in my next move, the clay-coat paper goes in the trash, to be replaced
with microfiche -- it's that valuable.)

     Both organizations are into publishing in a BIG way, so educating
others shouldn't be all that huge a deal.  I wouldn't be surprised to learn
that the majority of the "heavies" are already IEEE and/or ACM members.

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