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Multihoming sites and ARIN


At 03:45 PM 2/21/97 PST, Randy Bush wrote:
>> From: Scott Huddle <huddle at>
>                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> The arguments about "buying it all" are specious.
>I am sooooo reassured.
Cute :) Note the subject of the thread, little guys who want to
multihome have problems getting IP space from the NIC.  The current 
procedural mechanism for address allocation leads to a market failure, 
"little guys" can't  "justify" a /19.  Under a market mechanism this 
space would be available to them (for a price), under a market 
mechanism it would be possible to route this (for a price).  

Large ISPs would be able to get space and route it under either 
mechanism (for a price).  

Now where is my black helicopter :)

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