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Multihoming sites and ARIN

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@ >> The arguments about "buying it all" are specious.
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@ >I am sooooo reassured.
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@ >randy
@ Cute :) Note the subject of the thread, little guys who want to
@ multihome have problems getting IP space from the NIC.  The current 
@ procedural mechanism for address allocation leads to a market failure, 
@ "little guys" can't  "justify" a /19.  Under a market mechanism this 
@ space would be available to them (for a price), under a market 
@ mechanism it would be possible to route this (for a price).  
@ Large ISPs would be able to get space and route it under either 
@ mechanism (for a price).  
@ Now where is my black helicopter :)
@ best regards,
@ -scott

The Internet is rapidly developing "adult supervision". You
may be applying the old rules to the current situation.

If you want to obtain a /19, you need to work with your
elected representatives and the people they are paying
to manage the Internet.

I suggest that you start with the NSF. You might be
surprised at how quickly the U.S. Government responds
to taxpayers and businesses who are in the U.S. to help
create jobs which support people who pay taxes.

People who live off of taxes, and who attempt to create
their own form of taxes, may not be as helpful to you.
Again, I suggest you talk to the people YOU are paying.

Jim Fleming


President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore

National Science Board (NSB)
	The NSB has dual responsibilities as: 
		. National science policy advisor to the President
			and the Congress
		. Governing body for the National Science Foundation

	Chairman NSB - Dr. Richard N. Zare, Stanford University
		rnz at

	Office of Inspector General of the NSF (also links to Congress)
		Inspector General - Linda G. Sundro - lsundro at
			Investigator - Clara Kuehn - ckuehn at
National Science Foundation
	Neal Lane - nlane at
		Juris Hartmanis - jhartman at
			George Strawn - gstrawn at
				Don Mitchell - dmitchel at



"The FNC supports the goals of the CIC, particularly those related
to building the national information infrastructure (NII). It also seeks
to address Federal technology transition goals and allow the
operational experiences of FNC agencies to influence future
Federal research agendas.

It also contributes funds to important Internet infrastructure organizations,
such as
	the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF),
	Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA),
	and the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)."


Federal Networking Council

George Strawn - Chairman	GSTRAWN at NSF.GOV
Walter Wiebe - Executive Director	WWIEBE at NSF.GOV
Bruce Bottomley	BBB at ROMULUS.NCSC.MIL
Dick desJardins	DESJARDI at EOS.NASA.GOV
Frank Hartel	HARTEL at BOX-H.NIH.GOV
Craig Hunt	CHUNT at NIST.GOV
Pamela G. Kruzic	PJK at NRC.GOV
Fred Lee	FLEE at NSF.GOV
Hilarie Orman	HORMAN at DARPA.MIL
Camillo J. Pasquariello	PASQUARC at NCR.DISA.MIL
Alexis Poliakoff	ALEX_POLIAKOFF at ED.GOV
Elaine Stout	ESTOUT at USGS.GOV


The Federal Networking Council Advisory Committee (FNCAC) is chartered by
the National Science Foundation to provide the FNC with technical, tactical,
and strategic advice from the constituencies involved in the NREN Program..."

FNCAC Members

Dr. Sidney Karin	KARIN at SDSC.EDU
Dr. Henriette Avram	AVRAM at IVORY.EDUCOM.EDU
Mr. Jim Beall, Jr.	BEALL at VNET.IBM.COM
Mr. Alan Blatecky	ALANB at MCNC.ORG
Ms. Susan Estrada	SESTRADA at ALDEA.COM
Dr. Kenneth S. Flamm	FLAMM at BROOK.EDU
Ms. Carol Henderson	CCH at ALAWASH.ORG
Dr. Kenneth J. Klingenstein	KJK at SPOT.COLORADO.EDU
Mr. Richard Liebhaber	2714743 at MCIMAIL.COM
Mr. Stu Loken	SCLOKEN at LBL.GOV
Dr. Paul Mockapetris	PVM at SOFTWARE.COM
Mr. Robert G. Moskowitz	RGM3 at IS.CHRYSLER.COM
Mr. Carl Edward Oliver	OLIVERCE at ORNL.GOV
Dr. Stewart Personick	SDP at BELLCORE.COM
Mr. Mike Roberts	ROBERTS at EDUCOM.EDU
Ms. Connie D. Stout	CSTOUT at TENET.EDU
Brigadier General Harold Thompson	THOMPSON at ICN.STATE.IA.US
Dr. Stephen Wolff	SWOLFF at CISCO.COM


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