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Multihoming sites and ARIN

On Saturday, February 22, 1997 8:47 PM, Steven Bellovin[SMTP:smb at] wrote:
@ 	 If you want to obtain a /19, you need to work with your
@ 	 elected representatives and the people they are paying
@ 	 to manage the Internet.
@ 	 I suggest that you start with the NSF. You might be
@ 	 surprised at how quickly the U.S. Government responds
@ 	 to taxpayers and businesses who are in the U.S. to help
@ 	 create jobs which support people who pay taxes.
@ The major problem with this is that it contradicts reality.  By all
@ accounts, NSF wants to do less with respect to running the Internet.
@ For the last 15+ years, there has been a strong push away from
@ governmental action and regulation.  This may be bad or good  -- and
@ as a card-carrying liberal, I have very grave doubts about the wisdom
@ of this trend -- but there is little doubt that it exists.

That is true, but there is still one year left on the agreements
the NSF set up. Just because some people may want to cash
out early does not compel the NSF to make quick decisions.
They certainly have not made quick decisions before, why
start now.

With one year left, I suggest that people work on developing
a transition plan. I have suggested that the NSF help to
fund 49 NICs with the $12.6 million dollar trust fund. This
will help to establish an InterNIC in each State and then
the current InterNIC can become the Internet tax collector
for Virginia.

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation

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