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Funding - what about the second year?

At 2:20 PM -0800 2/19/97, Kim Hubbard wrote:
>I definitely do not want to get into a policy discussion on multi-homing,
>but, multi-homed customers do not *have* to get their allocations
>from ARIN.  Multi-homed customers would prefer to get their allocations
>from the InterNIC, however, being multi-homed is not enough justification
>by itself to receive addresses directly from InterNIC.
>I expect this topic will be one of the first to be discussed by the
>ARIN membership/AC and BoT.

I'm happy to say that I've already received the answer to this question,
and the description shows me that a small multi-homed site does *not* have
to get their space from ARIN.  That was the one piece of the puzzle I
needed to see the picture, and I thank the people on this list for their
patience in explaining the matter to me in detail.

Without that one puzzle piece, the whole discussion was looking like a
pissing contest.

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