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Funding - what about the second year?

 Jon Lewis <jlewis at> writes:
 * On Mon, 17 Feb 1997, Justin W. Newton wrote:
 * That would mean organizations that get address space in the first year of
 * ARIN get the shaft, and those that grow to that size later pay less for
 * it.  Is it really reasonable to expect those that are allotted space in the
 * first year to subsidize the creation of ARIN? 

That depends totally on the reason for lowering the price. If it's because 
ARIN wildly overbudgeted for year one, based on the data they have now,
then I agree. If it's because of market forces, i.e. it becomes fashionable
to be an ARIN Member, then I disagree. 

I think 99% of the contributors would just be glad that the service becomes 
cheaper. If the ARIN people have their figures correct then it's not
guaranteed that it will. 

John Crain
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