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Funding - what about the second year?

I propose that any excess funds collected in year 1 be used to
host A Fine Dinner (AFD) in which all registrants will be invited
to attend (with the number of tickets in a ratio of excess 
funds contributed, of course).   If the funds are not substantial
enough to fund AFD, we all get a free video rental (no current
releases, 50cent rewind fee still in effect)


At 09:45 PM 2/17/97 -0500, Jon Lewis wrote:
>On Mon, 17 Feb 1997, Justin W. Newton wrote:
>> At 05:27 PM 2/17/97 -0600, Tim Russell wrote:
>> >    Now, notwithstanding the fact that I'd /love/ to start a business that
>> >is guaranteed to break even the first year :-), the question that's been
>> >on my mind is this: what about the second year?
>> The BoT will lower the rates?  RIPE has already done this, and I would
>> suspect that ARIN would follow their example.  What gain would they have in
>> not doing so?
>That would mean organizations that get address space in the first year of
>ARIN get the shaft, and those that grow to that size later pay less for
>it.  Is it really reasonable to expect those that are allotted space in the
>first year to subsidize the creation of ARIN? 
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