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Funding - what about the second year?

> At 7:55 PM -0800 2/18/97, David R. Conrad wrote:
> >Stephen,
> >
> >What track record does NSI have with respect to the number of
> >organizations which will decide to go with their provider instead of
> >paying the fees?  They get the service for "free" now.  How many
> >customers will ARIN have after the funding plan is initiated?
> For starters, NSI can determine easily how many multi-homes customers they
> have.  Multi-homed customers *have* to get their allocations from ARIN, if
> I'm reading the information on this list properly.  They also know how many
> backbone providers there are.

I definitely do not want to get into a policy discussion on multi-homing,
but, multi-homed customers do not *have* to get their allocations
from ARIN.  Multi-homed customers would prefer to get their allocations
from the InterNIC, however, being multi-homed is not enough justification
by itself to receive addresses directly from InterNIC.  

I expect this topic will be one of the first to be discussed by the
ARIN membership/AC and BoT.


> If we don't know the customer base, we better damn well better find out
> before we even think about how to organize the thing.
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