NAIPR Message

Funding - what about the second year?

> I think we can all agree UUNet, MCI, and Sprint will likely become
> members.  But how about BBN?  They've got (or had) more address space
> than APNIC and RIPE.  How about PSI?  Similar situation.  I think they
> will, but I don't think they actually need to.


Proposed Board Of Trustees 


     John Curran -- Chief Technical Officer, BBN Planet 

John is openly advocating ARIN.  That should answer your question
regarding BBN.

Another proposed BOT member is Randy Bush of WNA, whose backbone
will participate.

Though much smaller of a backbone provider than the ones you
mentioned, GoodNet will become a member of ARIN and will most likely
use ARIN's services (they are seperate actions).

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