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Funding - what about the second year?

    Okay, since I haven't heard anything from the list in quite some time,
I'll hopefully get things going again by asking a little question that's been
on my mind:

    The proposal says that the rates for service are set such that NAIPR will
break even the first year.

    Now, notwithstanding the fact that I'd /love/ to start a business that
is guaranteed to break even the first year :-), the question that's been
on my mind is this: what about the second year?

    I've been told about the huge startup costs, and I can see that.  But
then, if the funding for the first year will cover that (it has to, because
NAIPR is supposed to break even that year, remember?), what about the second
year when there aren't startup expenses?

    Is it just me, or will NAIPR not have quite a bit of cash left over with
nowhere to spend it and nothing in the proposal about what to do with it?

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