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On Friday, February 21, 1997 12:16 AM, Philip J. Nesser II[SMTP:pjnesser at MARTIGNY.AI.MIT.EDU] wrote:
@ The Innkeeper supposedly said:
@ > 
@ > One other observation I must question and address is the fact if Paul ALSO
@ > speaks for Cisco???
@ > 
@ I can't believe that anyone would have to ask such a question.  I doubt any
@ company or organization even a 10th or a 100th the size of Cisco allows
@ random employees to make official company policy.  I would suggest you
@ contact Cisco's press office for any official Cisco position.
@ --->  Phil

CISCO is liable for any statement made by anyone from
a CISCO funded facility. Just wait and see...:-)

Other large companies actively encourage their employees
to obtain private accounts to spread their private views.
Most CISCO employees can probably afford $20 per month.

In some cases, organizations such as the IETF could
furnish accounts for use by people involved in those
activities. This allows the domain system to be used
to help the public understand the context of a message.

Any mail with CISCO.COM is equivalent to a CISCO letterhead.
CISCO employees should ask themselves whether their
posting would look good on a CISCO letterhead and whether
CISCO's management would approve it.

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation

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