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At 01:29 AM 2/2/97 -0500, Kim Hubbard wrote:
>If it makes you feel any less concerned....the intention is that
>once ARIN is operational, there will be only one NSI employee on
>the board, as I will be an employee of ARIN.  

Although many of us have assumed so as a start, why is it a foregone
conclusion that you are going to be ED of ARIN?  (I actually think that you
are the best choice that I know of, but it still shouldn't be a foregone
conclusion IMHO).

>Of course, you are
>free to infer something out of that fact also, since there is
>probably nothing I could say to stop those of you who feel
>that NSI has some hidden agenda regarding ARIN.  

I will state that I do not believe that NSI has a hidden agenda with
respect to ARIN.  If I were NSI I would want to get as far from IP
allocation as I could.

Justin Newton				
Network Architect					
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