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At 10:31 PM 2/1/97 PST, Randy Bush wrote:
>The other person of whom you seem to speak will not be an NSI employee, but
>rather the chief executive of ARIN.  Is it not your experience that it is
>common to have the chief executive on the board?  And certainly you don't
>think it unwise of ARIN to steal from NSI the person who probably knows
>more about allocating IP space than anyone else on the planet.

I must have missed the request for applications for the position of
Executive Director (I am assuming that is what you meant instead of Chief
Executive).  Regardless of anyone's overwhelming experience, it would be
wise for the position to be open until a search is made, and people are
invited to apply for the position.  IP allocation is one part of the job.
Managing people and financial resources is another.  The two skills are not
necessarily interrelated.

Justin Newton				
Network Architect					
Erol's Internet Services