NAIPR Message


Well, you don't elaborate on what you think this paradigm shift actually
*is*, so it's a little difficult to comment on how this proposal imapcts
issues from a technical or economic perspective is relevant.

Overall, I think that the ARIN proposal already reflects practices in
use throughout the Internet; a reflection of reality.

- paul

At 08:13 AM 2/5/97 -0500, Jeff Binkley wrote:

>And do you think other NSPs might think about changing their policies if 
>this proposal goes through ?  I think it would be foolish not to think 
>they won't at least look at them.  I personally think we are going to 
>see the whole economic model for the Internet start to shift this year 
>anyway.  Keep an eye on the larger ISPs and you'll see the trend 
>starting.  I guess the one question I would have for the ARIN supporters 
>is what happens when the ISP market starts to consolidate as Gartner and 
>others have been predicting.  This will radically change the customer 
>base and the overall makeup of the Internet ISP market.  Will the 
>proposal support this easily from a technical and economic standpoint ?