NAIPR Message


Don't be so touchy.

This should already be apparent -- this is not simply an engineering
exercise. This is a straightforward attempt to establish a funding
model for the IP registry 'formerly known as the InterNIC' to remain
self-supportive after US Government subsidies have gone away.

No magic here.

- paul

At 08:13 AM 2/5/97 -0500, Jeff Binkley wrote:

>PF>If this were simply an engineering exercise, then we wouldn't be
>PF>having this silly discussion. Small entities wouldn't be pestering
>PF>the registries for addresses, they would be going to their upstream
>PF>providers. Problem solved.

>As with most everything posted here from the supporters, you seem to 
>have everything figured out and any outside comments are a bother.  I'll 
>make your life less bothersome and won't post any additional comments 
>after today.