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TI>> At 03:55 PM 2/4/97 -0500, Jeff Binkley wrote:

TI>> >
TI>> >I won't disagree that the address space needs to be managed.  I
TI>> >believe  this is first an engineering question and not an
TI>> >organizational/economic

TI>> >one.  I think once the engineering pieces are figured out then we
TI>> >can  move onto the organizational and economic pieces.  I think it
TI>> >would be a

TI>> >mistake to use economics to force compliance to engineering rules 
TI>> >because if so done, technology will soon replace the economic
TI>> >pressures. 

TI>> >history has proven this.

TI>> If this were simply an engineering exercise, then we wouldn't be
TI>> having this silly discussion. Small entities wouldn't be pestering
TI>> the registries for addresses, they would be going to their upstream
TI>> providers. Problem solved.

TI>> - paul

TI>A point that you may want to make note of in this thread.....MCI does
TI>not allow you to get your initial IP allocation from them...Just a
TI>note of interest....

And do you think other NSPs might think about changing their policies if 
this proposal goes through ?  I think it would be foolish not to think 
they won't at least look at them.  I personally think we are going to 
see the whole economic model for the Internet start to shift this year 
anyway.  Keep an eye on the larger ISPs and you'll see the trend 
starting.  I guess the one question I would have for the ARIN supporters 
is what happens when the ISP market starts to consolidate as Gartner and 
others have been predicting.  This will radically change the customer 
base and the overall makeup of the Internet ISP market.  Will the 
proposal support this easily from a technical and economic standpoint ?  

Jeff Binkley
ASA Network Computing

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