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Reply to MCI question

At 10:48 AM 2/5/97 -0500, Tim Bass wrote:

>Vendors, such as cisco, with spokesmen like Paul Ferguson, who 
>should state 'all providers must get address from upstream providers'
>do so because they do not understand competiveness issues, as
>MCI does.  Traditionally, cisco has had the excellent position
>of being the 'only real kid on the routing block' so, the can
>dictate, mandate, and direct.

Once again, you have paraphrased my comments quite out of context.

The analogy that stated was that *if* this were an *engineering*
exercise, all entities would obtain their addresses from their
upstream providers. In a follow-up, I stated the discussions on
this list do not encompass strictly engineering problems.

Please redirect your insults and conspiracy theories elsewhere.

- paul