NAIPR Message


On Wed, 5 Feb 1997, Jeff Binkley wrote:

> starting.  I guess the one question I would have for the ARIN supporters 
> is what happens when the ISP market starts to consolidate as Gartner and 
> others have been predicting.  

But Gartner is wrong. We are *IN* the Internet industry, and most of us
know quite intimately how it works, who's doing what, etc. Gartner's
prediction implies that small ISP's will die or be bought out to form
fewer larger companies and very few new ISP's will start up. It's true
that some ISP's are starting to fail and that some are growing and that
some are being bought out. However, the pace of new startups has not
slowed and is not likely to slow for a while yet.

> This will radically change the customer 
> base and the overall makeup of the Internet ISP market.  Will the 
> proposal support this easily from a technical and economic standpoint ?  

ARIN is not a regulatory organization. It can change its policies,
procedures, fees and its structure anytime the membership sees a need.

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