[ppml] 4.4.2 Micro-allocations for anycast services

      On Mon, 10 Apr 2006, Scott Leibrand wrote:
    > I have an unanswered question regarding anycast, namely: why do you need a
    > micro-allocation to do it? 

You don't.  However, if all you need is one IP address, a microallocation 
is less wasteful than a larger block.

    > > At present, the minimum allocation requirements pose an obstacle to
    > > smaller to medium DNS providers who want to test and deploy anycast
    > > services.
    > Can you elaborate on this?  I don't see reachability obstacles, as stated
    > above.  What other obstacles are there to using your existing space to do
    > anycast?

Exactly what he said: the minimum allocation requirement.  If all you need 
is one IP address, justifying a /22 requires the making of, um, 
unsubstantiatable assertions, to ARIN analysts.  That's an unfortunate 
state of affairs, and one which this policy will correct.