Comments on Name Based Virtualk Hosting Policy Recommendation

Charles Scott cscott at
Wed May 9 13:38:37 EDT 2001

  I only need quote from some of the earlier posts to show that confusion
exists with the current wording.

  "I really think we need ARIN to really lay down what "technical 
  justifications" there are for requesting IP space for IP-based hosting"

  "Since technical reasons can be pretty specific I agree with the fact
  that there should be a list of technical reasons to justify IP address 
  allocations and an escalation procedure to suggest new ones."

  If the people who wrote this understood the policy was for data
collection only, they probably would have argued that point. That they
were looking for a specific list indicates to me that they assumed the
policy meant that the supplied technical justifications would be evaluated
as part of the decision to assign space.


On Wed, 9 May 2001, Sweeting, John wrote:

> Please do not be confused. ARIN is not going to review the request but
> rather the technical reasons being supplied so that wheels can be set in
> motion to either solve the technical reasons (not necessarily something that
> ARIN will do, but the Internet community as a whole) or accept the fact that
> it is an issue that cannot be resolved and allow that to stand in the future
> as an acceptable reason for using IP-based webhosting. No where is it
> inferred that ARIN will refuse address space based on the technical
> justification at this time.

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