Comments on Name Based Virtualk Hosting Policy Recommendation

Charles Scott cscott at
Wed May 9 12:52:45 EDT 2001

  I personally agree with you. This is exactly what I've been concerned
about since the discussion of such a policy started and I don't think it's
been clarified by the latest wording. If it's a data collection effort
only, then it should say that. If there's some kind of requirement to
provide some specifically acceptable technical justification, then it
should say so and there should be some description of what that would be.


On Wed, 9 May 2001, A. M. Salim wrote:

> Hi,
> The POLICY simply states that the ISP will provide "technical
> justification", and that ARIN will review it in the light of "OPERATIONAL
> They are specifically pointing to the "Last Call for Name-based Web
> Hosting Policy Recommendation" on  True, it can be
> argued that they should not be referring to that page, that they are being
> unreasonably cautious etc. etc. but the hard facts remain that they are
> taking this position on the basis of this "Last Call for Name-based Web
> Hosting Policy Recommendation" and I am a victim of it.  I do not have the
> luxury of debating their position with them.

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